Parents for A Better Bloomington

"The truth will set you free."


We are a group of parents within the city of Bloomington who see the detrimental consequences to our children sitting front and center to a system that would rather put political agendas above the overall mental and emotional health of our children, which has resulted in declining competency and lower academic standards.


To inform and educate Bloomington parents on what is transpiring in our local school system that has decided to align with political agendas rather than focus on the academic success of our children. By uniting as a group of concerned residents we want to empower each other to engage in constructive civil discourse, as we recognize that our children are relying on us as
parents to take an active role in restoring the Bloomington education system to the respected position it once had.


To create a more representative form of leadership within the schools so that we as parents, who are the arbiters of our children’s futures, have meaningful influence on policy making decisions. We want to support educators who understand the value of parent-teacher collaboration for the success of the whole child.